Retail Build Outs

Over 30 years of retail construction experience has given Vision GC knowledge of the importance of maintaining an efficient build schedule and a strong basis of communication with our clients. We’ve established a reputation as a retail construction company that excels at office space, strip centers, and higher end stores, among others.

We’ve worked with clients on a wide variety of projects in 10 different southeast states and have developed a reputation as a reliable company that people can trust for high-quality construction work.

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Ground Up Construction

Building from the ground up is different from other types of construction projects because you’re starting with a blank slate. Having an experienced team is necessary in order to create accurate estimations and detailed blueprints to execute your project on time and on budget. With new construction, planning becomes the fundamental piece to ensure success.

Ground up development requires a high level of expertise in facilitating large-scale commercial projects because of the extreme attention to detail needed to cover all phases of your project.

Staying on schedule and keeping costs down through careful budgeting is a big part of the successful completion of any project.

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On Site Management

We provide on-site coordination for all phases of our services and construction projects, including coordinating subcontractors, material and equipment, ensuring that specifications are being strictly followed, and work is proceeding on schedule and within budget.

Vision’s Superintendents are responsible for scheduling, inspections, quality control, and job site safety.

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Project Management

Vision’s project managers are responsible for planning and overseeing a specific project or a wide range of different construction projects from beginning to end.

They balance the budget, keep track of supplies, collaborate with subcontractors, and ensure all regulations are met and permits acquired.

Construction Project Managers handle both administrative and hands-on work while managing construction projects.

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